How We Work

During my 14 years in the Naples area I have built relationships with many subcontractors and suppliers who share my philosophy and goals. We believe firmly in “measure twice cut once” and “proper planning prevents poor performance”. The key to a successful construction projects ALWAYS lies in the following key points:

Discover the true goals and needs of the client.

Projects can go backwards and budgets go up during the execution phase if the true vision of the client was not understood and brought out at the beginning. My experience prompts me to ask good questions, listen to nuances and really bring out the total picture. We also try to put budget numbers to your wish list as quickly as possible, many of your decisions depend on what items cost.

Design and drawings

To visualize and understand the scope of the project we can provide simple computer drawings or recommend architects, engineers, interior designers and landscape architects who can come into the team to provide design direction and just as importantly, proper documentation and plans for permitting, bidding and execution of the work.

Estimating and budgeting

We have a database of current item costs to help us put together preliminary budgets during the planning phase. We also work with multiple subs from each discipline to insure competitive bidding as we close in on the contract price.

Good scope of work and work agreements

We take care in putting together our work agreements so all work is defined along with a schedule and a client cash flow estimate for the duration of the job.

Execution of the work and client communication

During construction we keep in touch with you as people come and go if you are occupying the home during construction, if you are away we stay in touch with photos and weekly schedule updates. Finish strong, we want to finish as strong as we start, with your help we develop detailed lists as we come to project close out so all work can be completed by workmen as they are finishing their final phase.